Caramel Sauce

Makes about 2 cups

 1          Cup Sugar

¼       Cup Water

½        Cup Heavy Cream

1          Tsp Vanilla

Pinch of Salt


  1. Boil the sugar and water on high heat in a heavy pot. The water is just to keep things lubricated and eventually boils away. In the meantime, it helps to keep the sugar from burning as it turns to liquid.

I use pretty high heat, between numbers 8 & 9 on my stove. You want the process to move along, but the very highest heat is hard to control.

As it boils, brush any sugar crystals on the sides of the pot away with water and a moist pastry brush. DO NOT stir the boiling sugar. Swirl occasionally if the boiling is uneven.

  1. After the water boils away, the appearance of the bubbling sugar changes. When that happens, keep a close eye for the change of color. As the sugar darkens (caramelizes) the end is near, and events move quickly. Don’t let it burn, but shoot for a rich dark brown color. This may take a little practice.
  2. Remove the boiling sugar from the heat. Be careful. This stuff is blazing hot.  Gradually stir in the cream.  Watch out!  It will foam up and spatter as the cream hits the hot sugar.
  3. After the cream is completely blended in, stir in the vanilla and salt. If the mixture seems to be setting up, put it back on the warm burner for a minute.

Pour into glass jars or bottles and let cool. Keep it in the refrigerator, but serve the sauce warm.

I usually double the recipe.  It’s the same amount of work and twice the pleasure. One jar to keep and one to give away.

Bourbon or any other booze may be substituted for the vanilla.