My neighbor Miriam is a food forager. Today, she knocked on my door and excitedly said, “Come out and see what I’ve got!”  I couldn’t guess, but knew it would be good. She pulled out a brown paper bag with the wide green leaves of ramps poking out the top. The distinctive leek-onion-garlic aroma was unmistakable. They were so fresh that the dirt clinging to the roots was still moist.

Washed and cleaned, they’re now in the frig while I make my plans.  Some things you can do with ramps are:

  • Add them to biscuits
  • Use them in almost any egg dish: quiche, frittata, or an omelette
  • In a mess of home fries
  • Accenting clam chowder and other soups
  • To flavor quesadillas and flatbreads
  • With sautéed mushrooms
  • Roasted with a fillet of salmon

I can’t wait to get them cooking. I hope you, too, are lucky enough to have a generous foraging neighbor!