Cold Cantaloupe – Ginger Soup


Makes about 2 ½ cups


1 Half of a field ripened cantaloupe, seeded and peeled

2 T Orange juice                                                        

4 T Ginger Zap flavored vodka from Asylum Distillery

1 T Honey

¼ tsp Coarse salt

1 Lime, zested and juiced.


Cube the melon and put the pieces into a food processor with the orange juice. Pulse until pureed. (For a smoother texture, use a blender.)

Add the Ginger Zap, honey, salt and 1 T lime juice.  Pulse to blend. Refrigerate overnight.

Serve in cold bowls.  Garnish with the lime zest, mint leaves, or a few drops of balsamic reduction

Easy and delicious!



  • Use the ripest most fragrant melon you can find.
  • Make the soup a day ahead so the flavors can blend and the soup will be well chilled.
  • Ginger Zap is made at the Asylum Distillery in Bridgeport, CT.  If you can’t find it, try Barrow’s Intense ginger liqueur, which will be a little sweeter. Taste and cut back on the honey if you want.
  • This recipe is easily doubled to use a whole melon and serve four or more.