We were at Match in SoNo for lunch last week and had a great lobster roll.  Known as an avid supporter of local farms, the restaurant also has a close relationship with Norm Bloom’s seafood companies in Norwalk for both oysters and lobsters. Chef/owner Matt Storch, suggested the lobster roll.

The Match lobster roll, a riff on the Connecticut butter style, puts poached Norm Bloom lobster in a brioche roll with “a good amount of butter”, lemon, and a bag of home-made chips on the side. The butter, really a perfect beurre blanc sauce, was so good, I asked for the chef responsable to be given a raise.  The hollowed out roll was filled with the meat of an entire perfectly-poached lobster. Light and crisp the melt-in-your-mouth chips were perfectly salted

If I were you, I’d put one of these luxury lobster rolls on your summer must-have list while the season holds.!